The (Un)usual London Secret Museums

Unusual Fan Museum London

You have to agree with me that one of the good things about London is that you can find museums everywhere London has pass to people the unusual feeling that culture and history is happening in you face!

Many are the options of museums and places to go, and most of the ones that you will probably go will have nothing so (Un)usual for me to mention on this blog. However, when it comes to Secret Museums it becomes really interesting. There is every kind of them, and some maybe you already passed by without even noticing. So, if you want to check some Secret Museums, Check the list of the 5 best ones (according to me) or just check Time Out London:

1. The Charles Dickens Museum: I’ve passed through the Charles Dickens Museum i don’t know how many times, and on any of them I notice that there was actually a museum there. If you are a fan of Charles Dickens this is definitely worth seem. The place is the only house that the writer have lived in London and it is preserved with the same decoration.

2. Center For The Magic Arts: The Center For the Magic Arts is located in Euston, and as a website mentioned: “It’s a little part of Hogwarts in London”. The museum tells the history of magic as well as have live performances going on.

3. Cartoon Museum: For cartoon lovers only! Don’t expect to see superheroes, because this museum offers the history of the british cartoons since the 18th century. However, It is cool enough to worth a visit.

4. Fan Museum: Located in Greenwich the Fan Museum is one of the most (Un)usual museums ever. Not because of the museum itself, but because of it’s subject. It is the only museum in the world dedicated to fans, and I admit that I’ve already became a fan of this particular place.

5. Cinema Museum: Top Secret Museum! Almost impossible to find! At least this was my experience. However, if you are a cinema lover it is a must seen place. As the website itself describes: “London’s Cinema Museum is devoted to keeping alive the spirit of cinema from the days before the multiplex.” How amazing is that? Put it on your list! and after visiting you have to let me know what did you think about it.

I hope you enjoyed the post! As soon as I visit more secret or unusual museums I’ll post it for you. Don’t forget that you can also help me out by sending me tips of unusual stuff that you find in London.

See you soon!


The (Un)usual Twitters

Unusual Twitters

If you are interested in knowing about more (Un)usual things about the amazing London, I recommend you to follow some Twitters, as well as bookmark some websites (If you haven’t bookmarked mine yet, It is the perfect time for you to do so)


@Unusual_London: Just in case you won’t forget to follow me on Twitter.

@TimeOutLondon: always a good option for reading, and of course finding out the most weird events that are going on in London. The Time Out magazine is a huge success in London and it’s Twitter is updated constantly with news about the city.

@LDN  (Everything London): I recently started to follow Everything London, and it is a good alternative if you don’t want to read Time Out. It’s twitter has more them 120,000 followers, which proves the success of the account. Every now and then a (Un)usual thing about London is tweeted. Very interesting, I recommend!

@urbanpastoral (It’s a London thing): It’s a London Thing is a personal account of a Londoner that describes himself as: “Proper Londoner. N5 born. N16 bred. Islington by day, Hackney come night. AFC. Classics. London is the place for me.” This particular Twitter account brings up some unusual London stuff seen from the point of view of a Londoner.


View London ( Here you can find the news about the most Unusual Events that are going on in London, as well as Unusual places to visit.

London Evening Standard ( The London Evening Standard is that newspaper that is given to tube users for free at the end of the day. And, yes! The website is great! Actually if you click on the URL to the London Evening Standard it will bring upsome great news about the London tube stations: by the end of this month 80 stations will have wi-fi for free (Finally!!!).

The (Un)usual Ranting White Girl

Interview with Jessica Thompson owner and editor of the blog: Ranting White Girl

Jessica is a Master in Digital Marketing at Hult International Business School, and have agreed to to share with us one of the things that she finds (Un)usual in London. This  girl knows definitely knows what she is saying, no Wonder she is already a trend on the digital world!

L: For how long have you been living in London?
J: For 9 months and I love it!

L: Do you agree that there are a lot of (Un)usual things in London?
J: Yes totally! I see them everywhere, specially people!

L: Jessica, what do you find really weird in London?
J: People who go to the GYM without shoes on! Its like they have never heard of foot fungus.

L: But why do find it weird?
J: Because its not normal. What if they drop a weight on their foots? Actually I wrote a post about it on my blog, you can check it out!

L: What would you do to alert this people about the danger of fungus catching?
J: I really think they should send leaflets in front of the GYM! It’s probably becaming a healthy problem on the UK.
There should be rules that you should wear shoes on the GYM.

The (Un)usual UK Laws

Weird law pregnancy UKNot only London is full of (Un)usual things and curiosities, but, the United Kingdom is also full of weird facts. One of those include the amount of useless and strange old laws that continue to rule the country nowadays.

The 10 weirdest laws in UK:

1. The Taxi and The Bale of Hay: Every taxi in London is obligated to carry a bale of hay and sacks of oats. This is because every cab is originally registered as horse draws since 1976.

2. Beds and Windows: This law states that no bed should be hanged out of a window. (No comments)

3. Boys and Mannequins: Any boy under the age of 10 may not see a naked mannequin. (What about naked people riding bikes?)

4. Drinks and Pubs: It is illegal to be drunk on licensed premises (That explains a lot!)

5. Death and The Houses of Parliament: It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament (It sucks to die! Now imagine dying AND being arrested because of that! Big shit!)

6. Pregnancy and Needs: A pregnant woman can legally pee anywhere she wants, including in a policeman’s helmet. (I want to be pregnant in UK)

7. Whales and the Royal Family: It is property of The King every head of any dead whale found on british coast – The Queen gets the tail.

8. Women and Topless: Liverpool–> It is illegal for a woman to be topless unless she is dressed as a clerk in a tropical fish store.

9. Legal Murdering:  It is legal to murder a Scotsman within the ancient city walls of York if the victim is  carrying a bow and an arrow.

10. Good Neighbors: In Scotland, it is illegal to refuse your house toilet for anyone who knocks on your door (It kind of make sense).

The (Un)usual Pound Coins

British Coins

Designed in the year of 2008 this lot of Pound Sterling Coins has become nothing but special. If you look closer to the picture you will realize that the 5p, 2p, 1p, 10p, 20p and 50p together recreate the shield printed on the one Pound coin. Great opportunity for Coin Collectors, Isn’t it?

I’ve been trying to put all this coins together for two months, but It seen impossible! And I claim myself for that! Except for the 1 and 2p coins all the other ones end up going for, let’s say, special occasions (read pints).

One special thing about this coins and how people tend to use them, is the 1p change. Everywhere you go, it is impossible to get rid of it. I don’t know if people understand that pricing a product 0.99 or 1.99 pounds, it’s a marketing tool to fool us, because we read from left to right we tend to assimilate the price closer to 1 pound instead of 2.

Anyway, In Brazil the 1p change is just given back to the person who is selling you the product. When someone gives you this coin you actually refuse it. After all, It’s not going to do more than filling up your wallet. However, the Ronald McDonald House says: thank you 1p change!

How (Un)usual is that? (If you are european you probably think you just spend 3 useless minutes of your life! Well, for those, I’m sorry!)

The (Un)usual London Naked Bike Ride

One of the most (Un)usual events that takes place in London. How (Un)usual it is to see people getting together to ride their bikes naked in the streets of London It takes at least some guts, waxing, high self-estime and of course, a bike.

It’s an amazing opportunity for Londoners Cyclists to show the world that bikes are a great alternative and environment friendly way of transportation, as well as it is an opportunity to protest against cars intolerance with bikes on traffic.

Well, there are a few things that I know:

I know that you love bikes. (If you don’t love it, get out of here! I don’t like you)
I know that you would love if cars were more tolerant with bikes. (If you don’t think so you should be arrested)
I know that you would love if the whole world started to use bikes instead of cars from now on. (Wouldn’t it be cool?)
I know that I also know that probably you love naked people too. (Don’t be ashamed! For me, it depends on who is naked)

So, why don’t you get your bike and go take a naked ride on Hyde Park?

When? Jun 9th – 3pm

The (Un)usual Pub at the Abbey

The Pub At The AbbeyFirst of all I want to clarify three things:

– The Pub is not right next to the priest’s balcony. And it is not inside the Chapel as well. However, it is part of the Abbey and I have been there a lot of times, for pints and Bingo!

– I believe in God, but I don’t believe in heaven, hell or sins. If you feel in in some way hurt because of that, I’m sorry. I just don’t and you don’t need to continue reading this post.

– I’m not talking about Westminster Abbey, Abbey Road, or any other Abbey that you might think at first.

The Abbey that I’m talking about is the St. Benedict’s in Ealing West London. It’s a friendly space that you can have as many pints as you want and watch football games. If the sin is completed yet, the monday’s Bingo are there to ensure that some small bets can be harmless for the eyes of God.

I’m almost sure that it is unnecessary to explain why is the Pub at St. Benedict’s Abbey so unusual. At least for the majority of the religious fanatics, having a place such as this so close to a chapel might be considered as a horrendous sin, that will give you tickets to hell with no return.

But, don’t think that t stops there, because recently I found out that apart from the pub there is also a CLUB inside the church. Yes! A Club! Honestly I’ve never been to the club (and have no interest in going soon) so I can’t say if it is the type of crazy or saint.

Anyway, maybe it is a good strategy of the priest to maintain the young people keep on coming to the church, even though if it is for a little “sin”. Just like some parents prefer their children to party at home: “At least here I can see where they are and what they are doing”.